Rooms and prices

Sleep well!

Our small hotel consists of 18 individual hotel rooms and 3 suites.


They are all comfortably and nicely done up with modern bathroom, TV and internet connection (WiFi).


Warm colours and lovely details make you feel at ease. After a good meal, a big celebration, if you are away on business or just want to relax in the countryside ‘Delbrücker Land’, you are right in our hotel.

Our Prices:


From 47.- bis 77.- Euro per person and night.
Our rich buffet breakfast is of course included.

For more information please contact us by phone or use our online reservation.


Half-board: 21,80 Euro p.P.


Full-board: 34,50 Euro p.P.


Additional bed: 25 Euro


Child’s bed: 10 Euro


Dog: 6 Euro